Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baptism in the Open River

A selection from a letter by C. H. Spurgeon to a Mr. Soper. Soper had written to Spurgeon reporting the conduct of some villagers after an outdoor baptism at Sheepwash. There were many opponents in England to baptisms by the Baptist. Spurgeon reflected on opposition he had faced in his early days when pastoring in Cambridgeshire. He then commended public baptisms for the effect they had on those who observed them. The letter was written May 13, 1885.

Baptism in the open river is so Scriptural, and, withal, such a public testimony, that I hope our friends will never abandon it. The reproach is to be bravely borne; for, if you hide away in the meeting-house, it will follow you there. We are most numerous where the ordinance is most known. Next to the Word of God, a baptizing service is the best argument for baptism.

Letters of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Selected with Notes, by Iain H. Murray, Banner of Truth, p. 156.

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