Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Your Only Happiness

A selection from a letter by Samuel Rutherford to Lady Kenmure with spiritual advice in time of troubles. The Letter was written from Anwoth, January 14, 1632, prior to his being imprisoned for nonconformity.

You shall find it your only happiness, under whatsoever thing disturbeth and crosseth the peace of your mind in this life, to love nothing for itself, but only God for Himself. Our love to Him should not begin on earth as it shall be in heaven; for the bride taketh not, by a thousand degrees, so much delight in her wedding garments as she does in her bridegroom; so we, in the life to come, nevertheless clothed with glory as with a robe, shall not be so much affected with the glory that goeth about us, as with the Bridegroom’s joyful face and presence.

Letters of Samuel Rutherford, With a Sketch of his Life and Biographical Notices of His Correspondents, by Andrew A. Bonar, first published in 1664, reprinted by the Banner of Truth, 1984, p. 20.

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