Monday, April 12, 2010

May Your Child Be His Child

A selection from a letter by John Newton to John Ryland, Jr. Ryland's wife, Elizabeth, had just given birth to their first and only child. Mrs. Ryland died a few weeks after giving birth. Newton wrote a letter of sympathy then but this letter was full of rejoicing for the little boy that graced their home. The letter was written December 16, 1786. Having a granddaughter born this past week, Nasia Marie Hewlett (pictured here), reminded me of Mr. Newton's prayer for the Rylands.

I will join you in praising the Lord for his goodness. May he crown the mercy by raising up Mrs. Ryland to praise him in his house. And may your child be his. You have now another comfort, another care, and what, if grace prevent not, might be another snare; but to those who feel their own weakness, grace is all-sufficient. My best wishes await you both.

Wise Counsel: John Newton’s Letter to John Ryland, Jr., edited by Grant Gordon, The Banner of Truth Trust, 2009, letter #36, p. 181.

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