Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Close Thinking Men, Not Deceived by Appearances

A portion of a letter from Joseph Kinghorn, pastor of St. Mary’s Baptist Church, Norwich, England, to his father and mother. He shared with them the profit he had received from two books that he had recently read. The letter was written May 1, 1798.

I have lately met with two singular books, viz., Jonathan Edward’s account of the revival of religion in New England in his time; and the life of Thos. Halyburton; and their accounts have the greater weight with me, because they were both very close thinking men, who were not to be deceived by appearances, but searched ideas to the very bottom.

May the grace they each described be felt by us, and by many more who yet are strangers to it! Then the world would be much happier than at present.

The Life and Works of Joseph Kinghorn, by Martin Hood Wilkin, reprinted by Particular Baptist Press, 1995, p. 285.


Predestined said...

This book must be a treasure. Great post. Thomas Halyburton is an unknown to me but I read everywhere about him!

Dean Olive said...

You must read the life of Joseph Kinghorn. The book is published by Particular Baptist Press of Springfield, MO. It is outstanding. The letters between father and son are some of the best I have ever read. Check in the archives of my blog for an article on Kinghorn for July 6, 2008.