Friday, August 7, 2009

The Lord Was Very Gracious

A selection from a letter by Thomas Boston, to his friend James Hog. Both of them were “Marrow men,” holding the freeness of the gospel to all men in the midst of religious culture of hyper-Calvinism. Boston’s family was going through “the furnace of affliction” due to serious sickness. After he related their particular troubles, Boston appealed to his friend for prayer and spoke of his trust in the Lord. The letter was written in June, 1724.

I have given you this particular account, as making no doubt of your sympathy, and that you will join with us in the deliverance wrought for us, and in seeking pity and help in the continued affliction, and grace rightly to improve both the one and the other. The Lord was very gracious according to His word, and I felt Him to be the lifter up of mine head, while carried through the deep waters; and my soul blesseth His holy name for this dispensation in the this trial, in which He made me inwardly to rejoice when nothing of that kind appeared about me. O that I could praise and trust Him! He is a skilful pilot, and one might be very easy in doubtful events, trusting and relying on Him, believing that what is good He will give.

Memoirs of Thomas Boston, first published in 1899, reprinted by the Banner of Truth, 1988, p. 500.

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