Monday, August 24, 2009

Slothful or Industrious?

A selection from a letter by the Welsh preacher, Thomas Charles, to Mr. D. Charles. The writer spoke at length about Christians being active rather than slothful. Too many Christians, he says, complain about their circumstances or wish things to be better when they need to take “an industrious course.” The letter was written October 4, 1782.

The husbandman well knows, that if he be idle and slothful in seed-time, it will be in vain to form any expectations as to the time of harvest. ‘The sluggard will not sow by reason of cold;’ and what return hath he in harvest? He must ‘beg in harvest and have nothing’ (Prov. 20:4). So it is in spiritual things. The hand of the diligent alone maketh rich. Tell me how a man employs his time, whether he is slothful or industrious, and I will tell you what progress he makes in grace; for you may as soon gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles, as enjoy those fruits of the Spirit—love, joy, and peace, whilst you live after the flesh, in self-indulgence, ease, and sloth.

Thomas Charles’ Spiritual Counsels: Selected from his Letters and Papers, by Edward Morgan, first published in 1836, reprinted by the Banner of Truth, 1993, pp. 225-26.


Predestined said...

Amen, brother. As Scripture declares, "Go to the Ant, you sluggard." A hearty reminder that industry is always better than idleness.

William Wilson said...

Yes Amen Dean a very good message and Artcle and every thing in it is true.So keep up the lord's good work.And we still pray and remember you in prayer here in England in the East.Godbless brother in christ.

Dean Olive said...

Thank you brethren for your comments. May the Lord prosper and bless you.