Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Acceptance With God

A letter from George Whitefield to an inquirer about the way of salvation.

London, June 8, 1741

Dear Sir,

I like your last letter best. There is one thing you still lack, “to be convinced of unbelief.” By faith, and not by works, are you to be justified in the sight of God. Make use of the means. You must take care that you do not rest in them. You must not think anything you can do, will in the least recommend you to the favour of God; and yet you must strive, as if you were to be saved by your striving. The only cause of our acceptance with God lies at the feet of sovereign mercy, through Christ. Entreat the Lord to give you faith, and who knows but he may have mercy upon you. Remember you are a poor sinner, and deserve nothing. That God may reveal his dear Son in you, is the hearty prayer of

Your affectionate friend and servant,

Letters of George Whitefield: For the Period 1734-1742, The Banner of Truth Trust, 1976, reprinted from The Works of George Whitefield, 1771, pp. 270-71.

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