Friday, June 4, 2010

The Grand Object of Education

A letter by Ernest Reisinger, to the son of a distinguished seminary professor and friend, who was graduating from High School. Mr. Reisinger sent him a gift and a letter of encouragement and challenge. I am sure this young man's parents were thankful for the godly counsel and wisdom given to him by this distinguished correspondent. The letter was written June 1, 1990.

My dear friend _____,

Congratulations on completing your High School education. I pray that you will always remember the grand object of your education, that is, that it contributes to the glory of God who gave you your existence, talents and gifts. On Him, also, you are dependent for their preservation. It is most reasonable, therefore, that these powers, gifts and talents should be empowered to His service for ever. I am enclosing a little gift for your graduation present.

You will soon be leaving the influence of a Christian home and godly parents; therefore, you will face new temptations and dangers. May our Lord be pleased to help, guide and protect you.

_____, the most important counsel I could give you, or any young Christian man, is this, never to make an intimate friend of anyone who is not a friend of your God. I do not mean that you have nothing to do with anyone but true Christians, but be very careful in your choice of friends. Ask the question, Will this friendship benefit my spiritual life? Follow the example of David who said, "I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts" (Psa. 119:63).

May our Father in heaven keep you safe from all harm, give you diligence in your studies and fortitude, wisdom in all your decisions, integrity in your living and a Christ-like example to others.

Your old friend,
Ernest C. Reisinger
P.S. Try hard to find a good church to attend.

Ernest C. Reisinger: A Biography, by Geoffrey Thomas, The Banner of Truth Trust, 2002, pp. 152-53.

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