Monday, June 28, 2010

He Hath Made a Covenant With Us

A letter by James Renwick, a Covenanter known as the last Scottish martyr, to a friend who was being persecuted for his faith. Instead of speaking about his ordeal he encouraged him with thoughts about the everlasting covenant made with the saints by the Lord Christ. The letter was written July 15, 1687.

Right Honourable and dear Sir, if I had the tongue of the eloquent, and the pen of a ready writer, my desire would be to employ both in praise of the Great King. O, "Who is like the Lord amongst the gods? Who is like Him, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders!" We are rebels and outlaws, we are lost and undone for ever; but He hath made a covenant with us, and given Himself a ransom. This covenant is everlasting, "well ordered in all things and sure." It hath all fullness in it, for the matter; all wisdom, for the manner; all condescendence, in the terms. It is most engaging in its end, being made to bring about the peace and salvation of sinners; and it is most necessary, for there is no journeying to heaven without it. This then is the chariot that will carry us into the joy and rest of our Lord; this is the chariot wherein His glory and our good ride triumphantly together, for it is made for Himself and the daughters of Jerusalem. This is the chariot that hath "the pillars of silver, the bottom of gold, the covering of purple, and the midst of it paved with love." O what a pavement is there! What lining and stuffing is there! O happy are they who are taken up into this chariot! They stand upon love, they sit upon love, they lie upon love, and, if they fall, they fall soft, for they fall upon love…

The Life and Letters of James Renwick: The Last Scottish Martyr, by Rev. W. H. Carslaw, published by Solid Ground Christian Books, taken from the 1893 edition, p. 226.

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