Monday, March 30, 2009

I Beg Your Prayers

A selection from a letter by C. H. Spurgeon to a member of the Pastors’ College Association. Having made comments about an upcoming conference, he requested prayer that he might receive help from the Lord by the preaching. The letter was written March 10, 1890.

Our hope is that brief addresses and short prayers will prove more fruitful than longer discourses might have been. If every brother who speaks is filled with the Spirit of God, we shall have no profitless talk; and if all who are coming would aim to be so filled, we should have a wealth of spiritual profiting.

Personally I beg your prayers. There is much to wear away the soul just now, and we need that text to be true in our experience ‘he restoreth my soul.’ I know that I need the visitation of the Lord to refresh my spirit. Do we not each one need it? What if we should each one get it? How good for ourselves, for our churches, our hearers! Oh that the Lord may come very near us, and clothe us with power from on high!

Letters of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Selected with Notes, by Iain H. Murray, Banner of Truth, pp. 126-27.

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