Friday, March 20, 2009

What Debtors We Are to God!

A selection from a letter by J. C. Philpot, the Strict and Particular Baptist pastor and editor of the Gospel Standard magazine, to his friend, Mr. Godwin, whom he exchanged letters for more than 20 years. Both men were nearing the end of their lives. The letter was written March 20, 1868.

What debtors we are to [God], both in providence and in grace, both for body and soul, both for this life and that to come. My chief, my daily grief is to have sinned against so good a God, and my desire is ever to walk in His fear, and to live to His praise. It is His goodness which leads to repentance, His mercy which melts the heart, His truth which liberates and sanctifies the soul, and His grace which superabounds over all abounding of sin. What have we now, dear friend, to live for, but during our short span of life to know and enjoy more of His presence and love, and have clearer testimonies of what He is unto us and in us?

Letters and Memoir of Joseph Charles Philpot, first published in 1871, reprinted by Baker Book House, 1981, pp. 481-82.


ken1935 said...

I am on target now. Sure did enjoy God using you in the conference last week.

Dean Olive said...


Glad you were able to access the blog and hope you will stop by occasionally. Perhaps it will be a blessing to you.

I thoroughly enjoyed being in Texas last week preaching at the conference in Emmendorf.