Saturday, March 14, 2009

What To Believe

A selection from a letter by Thomas Chalmers to a lady that a friend asked him to write regarding the state of her soul. The letter was written February, 1826. Mr. Chalmers sought to answer objections about the gospel that this woman had raised.

But, generally, you complain that you are ignorant of how to go—how to believe. Now, this has long been a stumbling-block to many; their thoughts are how they are to believe, when their thoughts should be what they should believe. They look inwardly for the object of faith. “For every one thought,” says Richard Baxter, “that he casts downwardly upon himself, he should cast ten upwardly and outwardly upon Jesus, and upon the glorious truths of the Gospel.” You say that you have no doubts of the freeness of Christ’s salvation, and of His willingness to save you. Dwell upon this; persist in this; stand in the Gospel attitude of looking upon Jesus, and light will at length arise without you.

Letters of Thomas Chalmers, edited by William Hanna, first published 1853, reprinted by The Banner of Truth, 2007, pp. 301-02.

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