Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Real Truth

A selection from a letter by Thomas Charles to a friend. The letter is a veritable sermon, full of counsel and encouragement, but it is especially full of Christ Jesus. The letter was written July 15, 1805.

A poor woman in our country frequently on her death-bed repeated the following words, “Jesus and I exactly suit one another; I have nothing, and He has everything.” I have nothing more to say in my best hours; and when I say this, it is well with me, it is my best season, I triumph. This Jesus, with all his infinite fullness, was designed for us. He suits none else so well. We are invited to come unto Him, to receive Him and take Him for our own for ever. This the real truth, however astonishing it may appear. Now, my good friend, what lack we? Nothing but the constant belief of this truth, and to act suitably towards Him. Thus a great salvation appears at hand; it is near us; it is in our hearts by believing the truth. The Comforter is promised to take of the things of Christ and shew them to us. So in every way we are provided for. Not unto us, but unto His own name be the glory.

Thomas Charles’ Spiritual Counsels: Selected from his Letters and Papers, by Edward Morgan, first published in 1836, reprinted by the Banner of Truth, 1993, p. 350.

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