Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Am Satisfied

An extract from a letter by Andrew Fuller to his dear friend in the ministry, John Ryland, Jr. Fuller was less than a month away from death. He wrote about his only basis of assurance and hope of heaven. The letter was written April 28, 1815.

I have very little hope of recovery; but I am satisfied to drink of the cup which my heavenly Father giveth me to drink. Without experience, no one can conceive of the depression of my spirits; yet I have no despondency. ‘I know whom I have believed, and that he is able to keep that which I have committed to him against that day.’ I am a poor guilty creature, but Christ is an almighty Saviour. I have preached and written much against the abuse of the doctrine of grace; but that doctrine is all my salvation and all my desire. I have no other hope than from salvation by mere sovereign, efficacious grace, through the atonement of my Lord and Saviour. With this hope, I can go into eternity with composure. Come Lord Jesus! Come when thou wilt! Here I am; let him do with me as seemeth him good!

The Armies of the Lamb: The Spirituality of Andrew Fuller, edited and introduced by Michael A. G. Haykin, Joshua Press, pp. 269, 271.

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